EsanNANO was in Technology Awards

Eczacıbaşı Esan got to the finals in Technology Awards with Nanoclay Project and led the way in its sector once again.

Esan got to the finals in Technology Awards with Nanoclay Project and led the way in its sector once again. 

Esan NANO was in Technology Awards

Esan got to the finals in Technology Awards with Nanoclay Project and led the way in its sector once again.
Technology Awards held by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) and Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) is viewed as one of the most prestigious competitions on technology development in Turkey.
In Technology Awards held for 11th time in 2014, it was aimed that products having creative, innovative, technical excellence and competitive features or studies on production process development having significant features, distinctive differences and contributing to national technology accumulation were evaluated, awarded and introduced to the public. In the competition attracting attention more than ever this year and getting a record number of applications, 150 applications out of 198 in total were deemed to proceed to the evaluation phase. At this difficult phase when projects were evaluated in a wide range from economic and national gains they provide to work plans and infrastructures of enterprises as well as innovative and technological aspects, Esan managed to get to the finals by getting the highest point at Large-Affiliate Company / Product / Material-Chemistry .In the competition final, projects were classified and awarded at two categories as “product” and “process” without making a sectoral distinction, and based on company size, as micro, small, medium and large/affiliate.
Esan being the first company which competed with the leading industrial enterprises on technology development in Turkey and which managed to make the cut and got to the finals in mining sector thus far, aims to be known for technology awards with new projects and to break grounds in the future..
Esan Nanoclay Project: “ Production of clay, organoclay/polymere nanocomposite purified with Turkey bentonites and their industrial applications” -esanNANO®
In the project launched from the idea of producing a product with high added value out of Bentonite minerals within its licence, its nonflammability, mechanical strength, gas permeability and antibacterial features were improved, then it was purified and modified to make it suitable for polymere nanocomposite production and introduced to the plastic industry Through this study conducted with the cooperation of manufacturers, universities and implementers, nanoclay (organoclay) production was made in industrial scale in Turkey for the first time and it was registered with “esanNANO” trademark.
Esan, Enplast and Sabancı University exchanged information and made a cooperation within the scope of the Project. Another outcome of the project is that “Technology Transfer Agreement” which is so few in Turkey was concluded with Sabancı University. 30 new projects were launched in cooperation through extension studies conducted  in the later stages of the project. A new product platform was established in the company thanks to the Nanoclay Project and 15 cooperation projects were launched in different scales and sectors on preparation of other minerals as niche products.
Use of sustainable resource through producing nanoclay product which haven’t been produced in Turkey so far and which is produced by few companies in the world by using the resources of our country was among the main objectives of our project. The company participates in different events to set an example for all mining companies  through Esan Nanoclay Project which aims efficient use of mineral resource reserves in our country and which attracted great attention.