As Esan, we aim to add value not only with our production but also with the effect we have created in our work areas as a natural consequence of our understanding of sustainability, with the awareness of the breadth and responsibility of our work domain.

As Esan,

In our workspaces with social development understanding;

  • We respect the society that we are part of and value its culture and traditions.
  • We try to maintain open communication with all our stakeholders.
  • We apply local employment and purchasing policies, and we monitor that our facilities serve equally to all the people of the region.
  • We analyze community needs, support environmental and social development, and try to create a positive impact.

With Corporate Social Responsibility Understanding;

  • We value nature, all the living, today and tomorrow, we care to “Protect the Colors” of life.
  • We try to support disadvantaged groups.
  • In particular, we aim to contribute to women and children’s the education, social and cultural development and economic empowerment.

With the understanding of being the best employer:

  • We listen to our employees, dream together, create and live a common culture.
  • We value sincerity and trust in our business environment and we do studies that support it.
  • We love innovation, we are fed from diversity. With this aim, we apply positive affirmation in our human resources processes to increase women's participation in the workforce.
  • We encourage our employees to improve themselves and provide the necessary facilities.
  • With the understanding of creating the future from today, we aim at raising tomorrow’s leaders. We play an active role in their process of becoming the "Esan Leader".